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The Early Days

Towards the beginning of this road from petition to election, we were simply letting everyone know to Vote Against Proposition A. It was the heady days before the misinformation from the Yes Aransas County PAC, the Chamber, the Long Term Recovery Team and Judge Mills. Back when it was simply the price is too much…
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FOIA with envelope


Merriam-Webster defines transparent as transmitting light (or another form of radiation) without appreciable scattering.  For hundreds of years, this was what transparent meant and was rarely used outside of physical properties of a material.  The second definition is the one most heard with respect to businesses and government – (a) free from pretense or deceit,…
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Chamber Endorses All Bond Propositions

The Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted on October 20, 2020, to endorse the three propositions for the Bond Election on the November 3, 2020, General Election Ballot.  (Before anyone gets into a snit, The Chamber’s by-laws and the political activities allowed by a 501(c)6 entity allow for political activity on issues.) That…
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Basic information on where the power in government resides for City, County, State and Nation.


This issue takes us back to school for a refresher on grammar and word choice.

Aransas County – Getting Out the Vote

According to the Aransas County Election Administration website, the number of in person and mail in votes cast is on track to be the largest voter turnout in recent history. At the end of eight days of early voting, 6,602 persons across the County have voted in person while 1,152 Ballots by Mail have been…
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