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Act Local – Think National

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Act Local – Think National

Aransas County TX USA

What are you doing in your towns, communities, counties to create change within your local governments?  Do you attend City Council or County Commissioners meetings and pay attention to what is said, who said it and possibly why?  Do you go even when the agenda is less than thrilling?  Maybe you cannot be as involved as you like, but do you at least read the agendas and minutes?

How about School Board meetings?  Everyone correctly (IMO) blames schools for indoctrinating our children but what are you doing about it?

County Commissioner meetings?

Various committee meetings within your local government?

How about running for local office or getting appointed to a committee?

Let your various local Councilmen, Aldermen, Commissioners, etc. know your concerns, views, what needs attention.  Write Letters to the Editor.  Are there any local groups who follow local government and let you know what is going on like Aransas County Voters Coalition?  Maybe you can start one.  A group of people can find the time to attend meetings and report on them much better than just one person.  Publish your information in the best way for your community so as many can be informed as possible (Newsletters, blogs, emails, etc.)  If you do this, ensure you are as unbiased as possible and clearly state when you are posting your opinion.

Elected officials represent those who elected them.  If you did not vote for your local official, they still represent you.  Let them know if they are not performing to your standards.  How about having a cup of coffee with your local official(s) and discussing your concerns?

By taking an active interest in local politics/government, you can affect the state and national discourse.  Ladies and Gentlemen, it takes time but we all must start somewhere.  Think National – Act Local.

If you would like to be more active in ACVC, please email us at [email protected] and let us know what you are willing to do. Stay tuned for more information on meetings, events, etc.

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