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All Politics is Local

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In a change of pace, I am writing an opinion piece.  These opinions are my own and not those of the Aransas County Voters Coalition.

I just returned from the Save America Rally in Washington, DC.  The love, respect, peace and excitement was contagious.  I saw people in wheelchairs, carrying newborns, using canes and pushing strollers.  I saw Hipsters, Boomers, Gen Xers and even some good old rednecks next to guys in high priced suits.  The crowd was a cross section of America – white, black, yellow, brown and everything in between.

The hope and faith of those in attendance was palpable.  We were mostly optimistic but knew there was a large chance of losing the final Electoral College vote.

Let me take you back to November 3, 2020.  I was on pins and needles all day about how the vote would go – in particular, Proposition A.  The “For” crowd was well funded and local “celebrities” were backing it.  We knew our cause was just and the real taxpayers of Aransas County could not afford this eventual increase in property taxes.  I was too excited when the results came out and we won!  At the after party, we looked forward to working with the County to bring a reasonable bond election in May.

Unbeknowst to us but beknowst to Judge Mills and Bob Henderson, the day after the election, the County’s Bond Counsel was emailing the Texas Attorney General’s office about Tax Notes which requires no input from voters.  Instead of waiting until May 2021 for another bond election, the County as going to go around the will of the People.  Jeff and Andrew eventually took it to Court suing the Judge and Commissioners.  Today, the Judge ruled against hearing the case and it was dismissed.

If you think about it, this local situation is no different than the national election.  For those who have looked at the affidavits and watched the state government hearings, the political elite circumvented the system so the will of the People could be denied.

In Aransas County, we petitioned to vote on bond issues, successfully voted against one of them and the County decided our vote did not matter and they knew what was best.

OK People – how much longer do we really need to put up with this bull crap?  How much longer do we have to listen to people who think they are qualified to make decisions on our behalf but want, need or desire no input from the people who put them in office?  These same people want us to be involved in the process but then we get told we are too late, we are unqualified, we are rabble rousers, five percenters, rogue republicans among other negative terms.  This goes for local, state and national governments.

How much longer do we all have to take this treatment from the Commissioners Court?  Commissioner Laubach and newly seated Commissioner Rousseau have shown their willingness to listen to any citizen, provide information when asked and are both very approachable.  The Judge and Commissioner Casterline are up for re-election in 2022 (Commissioner Laubach is also, but I am sure she will be re-elected).  Who is willing to step up and run against the Judge and Bubba?  Do you really want change enough to step in and run for office?  Do you live in Precinct 4/4A and not like the job Wendy is doing?  Do you really want to do something about it?

To make change in the County government today, attend the Commissioners Court meetings (in person, via YouTube or Zoom (if you want to speak)), be informed, talk to or email your Commissioner.  Run for office, support someone for office by making calls, door knocking or providing a skill/product that person needs.  Talk to your neighbors, co-workers, family even your enemies about what is happening via the Commissioners Court.  This is the same for the Rockport City Council with Wards 1 and 3 up for election May 2021.

I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of being treated as a pawn of any part of our government.  I will continue to provide anyone who wants it the information they need to know about what is going on and some references if you want more information.  As anyone knows, I am all about referenced information and I work really hard to keep the blogs and newsletters unbiased.  Unlike the Rockport Pilot, we do our best to give you information from both sides.

This is your call to action.  Follow our Facebook page or keep an eye on our website  You will definitely be more informed than you would with the Pilot and the Chamber of Commerce.

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