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Aransas County – Getting Out the Vote

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Aransas County – Getting Out the Vote

According to the Aransas County Election Administration website, the number of in person and mail in votes cast is on track to be the largest voter turnout in recent history.

At the end of eight days of early voting, 6,602 persons across the County have voted in person while 1,152 Ballots by Mail have been received. Total votes casts as of closing of the polls on October 22, 2020, is 7,754.

The County Election Administrator Kevin Stroud told the Rockport Pilot in its October 17, 2020 edition the number of registered voters in Aransas County is 18,529. To date, 41.85% of the County has voted with seven more days of early voting and Election Day voting still to come along with the Ballots by Mail to be received.

It is my opinion this turnout can be attributed to three factors – the Presidential race, the Rockport Mayoral race and the County Bond Election.

The divide is deep between those for President Trump and those for former Vice President Biden. Four more years of the President’s agenda which has been good for America. Four years of a President who could not “fix” things in 47 years of public service. Both of these statements are my opinion.

The Rockport Mayoral race is between the current Mayor, Pat Rios, and the challenger, Keith Allen. Mayor Rios has been instrumental in the recovery from Hurricane Harvey and that cannot take that away from him. He said he wanted Citizens more involved in the process. Once the EveryDay Citizens wanted to make their collective voices heard, he said they were 5%ers, should have been involved sooner, wanted to defund the police and many other hateful things, in the opinion of the grassroots group. Offers to talk made by grassroot organizers went unanswered. Instead of waiting for the May 2021 election for a Bond Issue, the Mayor and his advisors issue a Tax Note because the people were not required to be informed or to vote on it.

Keith Allen, an unknown on the local political scene, is challenging Mayor Rios. In conversations with Mr. Allen, he is running for Mayor to give the people a choice. His credentials are extensive. Ask him if you wish to know. He will talk to anyone, anytime. He does not stay in his circle. His number one goal as Mayor is more Citizen involvement in local government.

The Aransas County Bond Issue has had enough written about it. The two sides are (1) pass the Proposition now so incentives and low interest rates can be capitalized on and planning can move forward and (2) deny the Propositions as the People have not been given a solid estimate or building plan which will lead to higher costs in an ever-changing building market.

If you are voting for any of these three things or simply because it is your civic duty to vote – Get Out the Vote! Take your neighbor who cannot drive to the polls. Talk to people about the issues and the importance of voting. Write a Letter to the Editor so you can reach many voices at once. Be vocal on Facebook. There are many ways you can help as many voices of Aransas County be heard as possible.

The most important thing about voting – if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain.

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