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Chamber Endorses All Bond Propositions

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Chamber Endorses All Bond Propositions

The Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted on October 20, 2020, to endorse the three propositions for the Bond Election on the November 3, 2020, General Election Ballot.  (Before anyone gets into a snit, The Chamber’s by-laws and the political activities allowed by a 501(c)6 entity allow for political activity on issues.)

That simple statement has caused some to go crazy about this group supporting the bond initiatives; others to say, “So what?”; and still others to decide the endorsement means they should vote for the propositions.

Building on the Aransas County Citizen Issue 04 (Word Choice Matters), we will break down the 10 reasons the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce state for supporting the three Bond Propositions.

1.  To pave the way for true Downtown Revitalization.

The issue here is “true Downtown Revitalization”.  This statement is ambiguous.  Downtown revitalization with more options for tourists?  Downtown revitalization with more options for EveryDay Aransas County Citizens?  Downtown revitalization as defined by the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce?  Please define Downtown Revitalization.

2.  To support our court systems and its mandated space requirements.

“Mandated space requirement” is not defined in the Texas Constitution, Texas Statute or any County Ordinance, Order or Resolution.  That being said, our court system needs space to faithfully perform its duties which cannot be argued against.  Also, the support system for the courts (District Clerk, County Clerk, County/District Attorney) must have space to adequately perform their duties.

3.  To take advantage of historically low interest rates.

“Historically low interest rates” – borrowing should be done now because money is cheap?  How much money is actually needed?  How can an actual cost be decided if the plans are not complete?

4.  To invest in local medical offerings and to grow our healthcare system for residents as well as visitors.

“Grow our healthcare system”.  Grow it from what to what?  What is the County government getting into medical care?

5.  To create job growth for high school seniors and young professionals.

“Create job growth”.  There is no job growth in tourism or housing unless a person gets lucky.  Neither of these lead to a true career progression.

6.  To promote increased school enrollment.

“Increased school enrollment”.  How does a courthouse, road/drainage repairs, or a micro hospital increase school enrollment?

7.  To take advantage of timely discounts for the project.

“Timely discounts”.  Compared to?  Discounts with respect to what?

8.  To not lose $10 million in financial insurance and grant support.

This entire statement has already been debunked.

9.  To support projects future generations will cherish and enjoy with a sense of pride.

“Future generations”.  Why not current generations? “Cherish and enjoy with a sense of pride”.  No person goes to a courthouse for enjoyment.  No person is excited to go the hospital and enjoy it.

10.  To leverage funds not ordinarily available for greater future impact.

“Leverage funds”.  Leverage is all about influencing people or situations to someone’s or something’s advantage. “Not ordinarily available”.  Since Harvey hit there are funds available which would not be, but things for the entire community’s use at affordable prices should be considered first.

As a whole – these statements give no facts, no path forward, no end goal and most of the reasons are not valid to EveryDay Citizens.  Don’t be fooled by buzz words or “important” members of the community.

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