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Lack of Communication Effects Rockport-Fulton High School

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Lack of Communication Effects Rockport-Fulton High School

With the debacle of the Freeze in the rear view mirror, you would think the major communications problems would be over and we all can return to our regularly scheduled lives.  The answer to this for the students, teachers and staff of Rockport-Fulton High School is not yet.

From a reliable source on the Aransas County Independent School District Board of Trustees, the Superintendent, Dr. Joshua Garcia, was informed by the City of Rockport on Wednesday there would be repairs to a water main which directly fed into the High School on the morning of Thursday, February 25, 2021.  Dr. Garcia then initiated the process to delay the start of school at the High School so the repairs did not affect High School operations.  The robocalls and other methods of getting the word out to those effected were completed Wednesday afternoon and into the early evening.

For your EveryDay Citizen, this seems to be good information flow with proper time for everyone to shift their schedules.

But wait, the City of Rockport Public Works Department decided they would not do the repairs on Thursday and instead do them on Saturday.  This decision was made after approximately 500 teenagers (their parents) and adults began shifting their schedules to accommodate a needed repair.

I learned from my source time physically in school for this school year is being measured in minutes not hours or days.  This time may need to be made up at some point.  The Texas Education Agency has not made a decision yet. 

So, once again, the City does not consider how their decisions effect anyone.  One would think the largest employer in the County and those responsible for our children during school hours would be given every piece of information and high priority of those who should not be affected if at all possible.

It has been documented across the nation our school age children need to be physically in school.  They require social interaction with their peers.  Those of us who have or have had teenagers know they will tell their friends of their problems before they would tell their parents.  Delaying school may not mean much to the City, but it may mean the world to a teenager who needs to talk to their friends about their own mental health or the mental health of a friend.

So, what is the answer?  Maybe it is time for the City Manager to move along to other endeavors.  Maybe the EveryDay Citizens of Aransas County need to let any and all elected officials know we have had enough of government needs outweighing citizen needs.

I am only one voice.  Please take action to let anyone and everyone know the EveryDay Citizens of Aransas County are sick and tired of being an afterthought in a majority of the decisions made by the City of Rockport and County of Aransas.

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