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Sheeps, Wolves and Shepherds

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Sheeps, Wolves and Shepherds

We have heard these terms and how they relate to groups of people for a long time.  Let’s take a look at this with respect to the shenanigans currently going on in Aransas County.

First, to define sheep, wolves, and shepherds in this context.  Sheep are people who just follow along and do what they are told by authority figures whoever those authority figures are.  Wolves take advantage of any situation to get ahead.  A Wolf will tell the Sheep to do something and the Sheep do it because they were told.  The Shepherds protect the Sheep from the Wolves and try to get the Sheep in the right direction.

Many will tell you they are not sheep, but they are.  These people tend to follow the crowd, never question authority figures, and cannot tell the difference between truth and skillful lies.

The wolves know they are wolves but need the sheep to survive.  The wolves will tell the sheep anything to get the sheep to go their direction to keep the wolves in charge.

The shepherds protect the sheep from the wolves.  They watch the wolves and will attack when the sheep are being picked off to follow the wolves.  The shepherd will lead the sheep in the right direction, protect them, and attack the wolves so the sheep will survive.

This entire concept is incredibly relevant in today’s political environment.  From the Rockport Mayor’s race and the Aransas County Bond Election to the Presidential contest, the political environment is rife with wolves, sheep, and shepherds.

The wolves are people who say they care but don’t want the sheep to look behind the curtain.  The wolves come in many varieties –media, entertainers, athletes, past and current political figures, etc.  These groups of people will tell the sheep to do something simply because they said to do it.

Now sheep do not come in only one flavor.  Some go one way while some go another no matter the message while even more can’t decide on which direction to go.

The shepherds are the protectors of the sheep and enemy of the wolves.  The shepherds are not liked by the wolves.  The shepherds provide the sheep information, answer their questions, and call out the wolves on their misinformation.  The shepherds can be aggressive in getting their message out, but it is all for the sheep.  Shepherds question authority, sometimes aggressively, while protecting the flock.

I will leave you with this thought – are you a sheep, a wolf or a shepherd.  Do you think people should believe what you say because of who you are?  Do you persuade people using referenced information one way or another?  Do you rely on others to tell you what to do?

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