Rockport, TX 78382

Welcome to Our Website!

EveryDay Citizens Educating to Defeat Complacency

Welcome to Our Website!

Welcome Aboard!

We here at Aransas County Voters Coalition are excited to launch our website. We welcome you to explore and learn about local government affecting your lives.

As EveryDay Citizens Educating to Defeat Complacency, we will be working hard to keep the momentum of the petitions to let us vote on large bond issues into after election involvement in all forms of local government.

We believe Rockport, Fulton and Aransas County have much more to offer than tourism and a bedroom community for Portland and Corpus Christi. We believe the EveryDay Citizens of Rockport, Fulton and Aransas County deserve better than being an afterthought for economic development and population growth.

Since the start of the movement with one Citizen saying let us vote, the number of people supporting us has been phenomenal. As of this writing, 27% of registered voters in the County have cast their ballots in four days, the most important of civic duties.

It is time for Concerned Citizens to take back our local government. It is time to curtail unelected persons and entities from controlling the direction of our community. It is time to stand up and say, “TAXPAYERS LIVES MATTER!”

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  1. Ronni Sampson says:

    Thank you for creating this fourm. Our most sacred right is the right to vote. It starts at the community level. Something the current officals and non officials have taken for granted.

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